Marjorie Cruse (1931-35) in December 2017 we learned that Marjorie had passed away.  Marjorie was our most senior member.  After leaving school she went to work at High Duty Alloys on Slough Trading Estate, where she remained until retirement.  She cycled home each day to have lunch with her parents and looked after them in their senior years.  Jean Tylerremembers visiting her at Crosfield House in Gerrards Cross, where she had her own apartment; she stayed at this address until moving to a nursing home for the last couple of weeks of her life.  Her sister-in-law Audrey Cruse says that her interests were ballroom dancing, archery and badminton.

Edna Parrett (Hearn, 1937-43) – It was with regret that we learned of Edna’s death on

September 30th 2017.  Her funeral service was held at St Peter’s Church in Burnham at the end of October.  Daughter Liz and son John have kindly provided the following obituary:

“Edna was a true Burnham girl,born in 1927 in a small cottage at the bottom of the High Street to the local butcher (apparently, the shop only recently closed – Ed.) and his wife. She was the third of five children.   While the children were young they moved to a cottage on Britwell Road, nearer to the shop. Edna was to spend all her life in Burnham.  St. Peter’s Church was a constant part of her life and in childhood she was a loyal attendee of the Sunday School.  She clearly enjoyed it and the family have a number of lovely books given to her as prizes. She was confirmed just before Christmas at the age of 14 by the Bishop of Buckingham, the event being marked in a small, hardback book along with the words “Be Loyal“.  When you look back at Edna’s life, those words carry through.  Edna was a bell-ringer and member of the church youth club and it was here that she met her future husband Geoffrey. She subsequently joined the Young Wives Group and later the Mothers Union, where for many years she was involved in administration.  She remained a member all her life and in later years also assisted at the church as a verger.

After leaving SHS Edna took a job in Maidenhead working for a bank. She often referred to that job and clearly enjoyed it, as it entailed meeting and greeting people – something she was always good at.  Times were different then and married women were not allowed to work in the bank, so she left and took a job in Thatcher’s, a local family company that many will remember towards the bottom of the High Street. She remained there until she left to have a family.

Although Edna is mostly associated with the Girl Guides, during early married life she and Geoff were active supporters of Lent Rise Scouts – a link that was never lost.  As the children went to school, Edna was a regular “Mum volunteer” who went in one afternoon a week to listen to reading; and although she was a typical busy mum, ferrying children to different activities as well as juggling household chores, she agreed when approached to help set up a new Brownie unit (3rd Burnham Brownies) in the 1970s. That was not as simple as it sounded: there was a new Guide hut to be built and of course her rock, Geoff, was enlisted to help with the task!  Through the Guides she made many very dear and close friends. She took Brownies for so long that she had grown-up Brownies bringing their daughters along!  It was very rare for her to walk down the High Street without someone saying “Hello, Brown Owl!”  In fact, walking the High Street with Edna could often take ages because there were just so many people whose lives she had touched.  And she always made time to say hello and ask how THEY were. She was dedicated and loyal to all her causes and a loyal friend to everyone she knew.”

Pamela Kilpin (Brown, 1939-46)– Pamela lived in Brantford in Ontario, Canada.  She recalled her SHS days in the 2016 Newsletter, when she wrote: “We had a lot of good times over the years in spite of the War.” She came to England 10 years ago on the Queen Mary II to celebrate her 80th birthday.  Her daughter Jill Collins writes: “Pamela passed away surrounded by her family at the Brantford General Hospital, Sunday, January 14th, 2018 in her 91st year.  She was the wife of the late Roland Kilpin (2008) and a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  She is survived by her sister Olive Smith.  Pamela was a devoted volunteer at the Brantford Public Library for many years; recently retired after 60 years in the Grace Anglican Church Choir; and was a lifetime member of the Brantford Stamp Club.  A celebration of her life was held at Grace Anglican Church on February 1st, 2018.   A tree will be planted in memory of Pamela in the Beckett-Glaves Memorial Forest.”




John Pallett (1935-41)– John passed away peacefully at home in April 2017 at the age of 91.

His daughter-in-law Paula Pallett kindly provided the following obituary:

“John Maxwell James Pallett was born in 1925 and passed away on June 6th 2017.  John was above all a family man. He married Gwen Bates in 1948 and they enjoyed a very happy 51 years together until Gwen’s sad and sudden death in 2000.  They had one son, Peter, who gave them three grandchildren – they in turn provided six gorgeous great-grandchildren, who all knew and loved playing with their great-grandfather.  As a young man John’s sport was hockey (he played as a back in the Old Pals team at the same time as our chairman was goalkeeper – Ed).  With Gwen he was of the era that embraced the new-fangled package holidays abroad.  They swam, played bowls and danced their way through life with a smile.  They retired to Highcliffe on the south coast and spent many happy years there.  He spent his last 8 years living with Peter and his wife Paula and all the family. Right to the end he completed Sudoku and maths puzzles and read the newspaper cover to cover daily.  He enjoyed his food and a nice “nightcap.”  John died peacefully in his sleep, in bed at home – not a bad way to go!”


Allan Burney (1936-41)– Allan passed away in a hospice on the Isle of Wight.  We regret that no obituary for Allen is available.


Stanley Simmance (1939-45)– Stanley’s widow Betty wrote to say that he had died in Winchester Hospital on January 21st 2018.  She added that Stanley was a proud Old Paludian and appreciated being kept in touch with news of other alumni.


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