The following members responded to reunion invitations but stated they would be unable to attend on grounds of age, health, mobility, distance or simply because the date was not convenient:

Vernon Amos (1945-52), Joan Astill (Chennells, 1951-57), Christine Axford (1953-60), Anne Chedlow (Staff, 1947-54), Jane Clark (Nolan, 1974-79), Fred Collins (1941-47), Alyson Coney (Skinner, 1950-55), Eunice Coombley (Hernaman, 1944-49), Bill Eastwell (1942-49), Valerie Gomersall (Watts, 1953-58), Pamela Green (Dear, 1939-44), Anne Harris (1961-68), Mary Haydock (File, 1944-51), Joan Hedge (Stutt, 1936-42), Betty Hull (aka Iris Burnett, 1937-42), David James (1953-60), Alan Jervis (1952-59), Sylvia Lewis (Preston, 1943-47). Pamela Macdonald (Crouch, 1947-53), Patricia Purdue (Staff, 1964-80), John Read (1945-51), Stella Rowlands (1954-61), Gwen Sargent (Jones, 1953-59), Annie Spracklen (Bond, 1952-57), Wendy Stacey (Hughes, 1951-56), Nicholas Taylor (1954-61) & Patricia Taylor (Buckland, 1956-62), Lesley Teasdale (Gerrish, 1954-62), Beverly Webb (1948-56), Linda Wilcock (Weller, 1957-64), Maureen Winter (Ragg, 1949-52).


Welcome to the following new members: Alan Akenhead (1945-50), John Bamborough (1951-58), Kavanjot Benepal (1999-2006), Patricia Eastgate (1964-71), John Elder (1960-68), Karen Hannigan (1975-79), Laura Hanson (Green, 1981-85), Colin Hellmuth (1954-61), Gordon Love (1964-71), Susan Mitchell(Mylchreest, 1971-78), Stephen Moss (1961-68), Chris Seddon (1963-70), Lizzie Seethamarar (1982-87), Alicia Snider (Zyczynska, 1981-85), Philip Watson (formerly Derks, 1957-62), Arthur Young (1950-55).



We have lost touch with the following – does anyone have any news?

Pam Millis(Pywell, SHS 1951-56) – any information appreciated.

David Howie, Barry Kelley, Tom Phillips(all SGS 1956 intake) – Ed Lucas-Smith would like to know if anyone has any news of this trio.

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