PLEASE NOTE: The paragraphs below are divided as follows:

  1.  STAFF– news followed by “In Memoriam” section
  2. PUPILS– listed by decade, with the key date being when each pupil started their SSS/SHS/SGS education. Each decade is subdivided into “GIRLS” and “BOYS”, followed by a similar “In Memoriam” section.




 Mr Gerald Painter (1967-88)– it is with great sadness that we record the death in November 2017 of Mr Painter at the age of 91.  Mr Painter was one of our longest serving principals. He became Head of Slough Grammar School for Boys in 1966, retiring in 1988 from the headship of what had become Upton Grammar School.  It was a period of profound educational change, involving much upheaval: constant pressure for comprehensive restructuring, raising of the school leaving age, the transfer of Slough from Buckinghamshire to Berkshire and falling rolls (leading to the enforced merger of Slough High and Slough Grammar) all come to mind.  It was a challenging time, yet throughout this period the school maintained its high standards and enhanced its reputation.  Academic results reached new heights; school activities flourished; drama, music, sport, societies and trips abounded; and links with parents and industry were developed.  None of this would have happened without good leadership.  Mr Painter was a courteous steward of the school’s traditions, innovating but careful not to trample on what had been established over the years since 1912.  He encouraged and supported staff and students alike, taking a keen and genuine interest in every aspect of school life.  Tellingly, he kept his feet on the ground, continuing to teach physics throughout his period in office.  My colleague, Miss Baker, recalls finding him on his knees one winter morning, repairing the staff room’s electric fire when the LEA had failed to do so!

(Many thanks to David Rogersfor this tribute.  Mr Painter’s funeral was held on November 27th at the Chilterns Crematorium in Amersham.  Ed.)


David Joyner (1963-65)– David Joyner died in Whittington Hospital on December 30th 2016, aged 75,  after having been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a decade earlier and spending a number of years in a care home.  David came to SGS in 1963 from Reading University as an assistant to Mr J Moutrie in the music department.  He left in 1965 to take up a choral scholarship at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. In addition to being a talented musician, he was a lively and popular teacher.  For over 30 years he taught at Fitzjohn’s School in Hampstead.  A former pupil was the All Saints singer Melanie Blatt, who said Mr Joyner was the first person who inspired her to sing.  She described him as “an amazing teacher to whom I’ll forever be grateful”, while the British cellist Vashti Hunter said he was “just the most inspiring person”.  Apart from teaching, David also sang at royal ceremonies and in major opera houses around the world.  (Extracts for this obituary have been taken from the “Camden New Journal” of 13th January 2017, where more information is available on David’s life and death – this is available online.  Ed.)


Catherine Bowater (1971-1995)-The following obituary was provided by Jacqueline Waters (Staff 1981-2005): “We are sad to report the death on 9th September 2017 of Catherine Bowater, a much loved and respected colleague, after a battle with cancer.  Catherine came to Slough Grammar School in 1971 to teach biology and soon became Head of Department. She inspired her students with her love of her subject, many of them going on to study medicine and to become leaders in their fields.  After she retired she continued to support SGS from time to time as a supply teacher.   Her interest in archaeology led her to enrol at Oxford University, where her studies gained her an Advanced Diploma in Archaeology.   Catherine loved travelling, whether it was school trips to Russia or China, or skiing in Europe.  In retirement she and her husband, Frank, continued their travels (until Frank’s death in 2015), enjoying far-flung places such as Easter Island and Antarctica.  At home she was never idle and served for many years as a governor at Beaconsfield High School.  Catherine was a good friend, as well as a loyal and supportive colleague, who is sorely missed by friends and family alike.

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