This is a summary of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 25th March 2017 at 11.30 am in the restaurant at Upton Court Grammar School, Lascelles Road, Slough.


Welcome: the acting Chairman, Ron Fidler, welcomed Mrs. Hernandez Estrada, the Association President and Principal of Upton Court Grammar School; also over 100 members, which was a significant increase on 2016, when 73 attended.

Approval of 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes: the minutes of the meeting held on 9th July 2016, which had been included in the Newsletter, were approved.

Roll of Honour: Patrick Donachy read the names of 13 members who had died since the 2016 reunion.

Treasurer’s Report for the Year ended 31 December 2016: Michael Frankl briefly summarised the accounts and the report that had been included in the Newsletter.  The Association made a loss in 2016 of £739 (2015 £1,948), driven by the archive storage costs of £939. This will be reduced in 2017, as the archives are moved to the school.  Donations of £1,169 were made to UCGS, mainly to support the library.  Funds in hand at 31/12/2016 were £1,636 (2015 £2,375).  The accounts had been reviewed by Ron Fidler, Accounts Examiner.  The meeting approved the accounts.

Website Report: Ian Cairns briefly summarised the actions being taken to update and improve the existing site and developments being considered to integrate it with the UCGS site in the future.

Archives Report: The problem of archive storage remained, but the Principal had now offered storage space in the school when building work was complete.

UCGS Activities Update: Mrs. Hernandez Estrada summarised the latest situation regarding building work at the school and the expansion of the Education Trust.  She also outlined the challenges facing the school and education at both local and national levels.

The Head Prefectsmade a presentation on some of the activities taking place at the school.

Resignation/Election of Officers: The Chairman reported that long-serving committee members Jean Tyler, Shirley Lane and Margaret Paine were retiring.  Presentations were made to them.  In addition, Emma Flint and David Pritchard were standing down. They were thanked for their service to the Association.  Celia Johns proposed that Ron Fidler become Chairman.  He agreed to stand for a year and was duly elected. All other committee members were prepared to carry on, namely: Bob Moss (Newsletter Editor), Michael Frankl (Treasurer, who was also acting as Membership Secretary), Ian Cairns (Webmaster), Marie Hughes (Minute Secretary), Jane Brown, David Rogers, Alan Forbes, Colin Cairns and Patrick Donachy. They were re-elected en bloc. Robin Hannigan, who had been co-opted onto the Committee, was also elected. The Chairman asked for volunteers, particularly from the High School, to fill vacant positions. Only one member, Rajesh Sharma, came forward and was duly elected.

Discussion of “The Way Ahead” Questionnaire: The summary of answers to the questionnaire had been included in the Newsletter.  The Chairman stated that some changes had been made to the Reunion Day so that members could spend more time talking to friends.  Possible activities to be shared with UCGS, as suggested by Angela MacTavish, would be considered by the Committee.

Every effort was being made to improve contacts with UCGS, greatly assisted by Senior Vice- President Naveed Hussain. This was essential in order to attract new young members.

Date of next Reunion: a provisional date was announced as 24th March 2018.


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