Important Notice-Postponement of Reunion Scheduled for 21st March 2020



Old Paludians Association: Annual Reunion: Saturday 21st March 2020


Friday 13th March 2020

Dear Old Paludian,

Following the spread of the Coronavirus in the UK the Committee has decided to postpone the Reunion scheduled to be held on the 21st March 2020. In a fast-moving situation, we believe such a gathering could potentially expose members to an unnecessary risk of infection.

Because of the future uncertainty, at the present time, we are not fixing a new date but are in contact with the School to establish the free Saturdays available later in the year. 

The Newsletter is almost complete, and we shall print and distribute it as originally planned. 

In the interim, The new Constitution forms an important platform for the expansion and longevity of the Association in the future and therefore we propose to hold a “virtual” Annual General Meeting on the 17th April 2020 with one agenda item – whether or not to approve the adoption of the new constitution.

Attendance at this meeting will be by return of postal or email vote. A link to the ballot paper (which may be found here: will be emailed to you and those who return the ballot paper will be deemed to have attended the virtual meeting and cast a vote. Copies of the proposed new and old constitutions were sent to all members previously. We urge all members to vote. Given the circumstances it will not be possible to make amendments to the proposed new Constitution at this time but will be possible at the EGM which will take place at the time of the rescheduled Reunion.

I am truly sorry not to be seeing you on the 21st March, but I am sure you will understand the reasons for our decision, and I hope you will fully support it.

Take care and I hope to see you later in the year. 

Ron Fidler

Old Paludians Association Committee

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