90th Anniversary Reunion and SGS 2002 Reunion


Annual Reunions 2002

There were two reunions in 2002. The usual OPA March Reunion, and a short reunion held in June in conjunction with the garden party held by the School to celebrate the 90th year of the founding of the School.

The 90th Anniversary Celebration: 1912 – 2002

An Annual Reunion for former pupils of Slough Secondary School, Slough Grammar School, Slough High School & Upton Grammar School took place from 14:00-17:00 on Saturday 29 June 2002 at

Slough Grammar School,
Lascelles Road,

OPA Secretary’s Report

In January 1912, Slough Secondary School first opened its doors to just 40 pupils. In late June 90 years later, Slough Grammar School opened its doors to several hundred Old Paludians, to former Head Girls and Head Boys, Staff, Governors and present pupils and their families in order to celebrate this milestone. The Chief Education Officer for Slough planted a tree to commemorate the event which coincided with the Golden Jubilee year of HM The Queen. Throughout the afternoon there was a concert performance of excerpts from “The Sound of Music” – and a little disconcerting for a moment when the cast took a break and appeared in the canteen in costume! A lunch was given for Governors, the former Head Girls/Boys, current Head Girl/Boy and other dignitaries including – dare I count us as dignitaries – the Old Paludians Committee!! Mrs Lenton gave a short speech outlining the tremendous changes both in the School, in education techniques and the world in general. Indeed, 90 years ago she herself would have been forbidden to be teaching since she was married – a job only for single ladies! There was a toast to “The Grammar School” and Jean Tyler, Chairman of the Old Paludians, presented Mrs Lenton with a bouquet. The time passed so quickly – the website demonstration room and the archives room were crowded, the corridors were lined with photographs, news cuttings, stories of the bravery and exploits of former students in two World Wars and programmes of drama productions from the past nine decades. Also on display was the celebration tapestry specially devised by two members of staff. Visitors came from many parts of the UK – and even Australia. On behalf of all the Old Paludians we thank Mrs Lenton for her generosity in inviting us all to enjoy the special atmosphere of such a very happy occasion. Once again we ‘invaded’ the School, we met with many old friends, made many new ones and lots of mini-reunions were taking place proving there was just not enough time to exchange news of the past 30, 40 and even 50 years! Photographs will be posted as soon as possible. See you all again on 22 March 2003 for our own Reunion – and dare we look ahead to the 100th Anniversary?

Valerie Storie – Secretary of the Old Paludians

PS: The results of the PSA Prize Raffle were as follows:

1st Prize Holiday N. Patel
2nd Haircut J. Naughton
3rd 50 Smith
4th Ring C. Brown
5th Hamper Ajay Shah
6th Tefal Fryer J. Sulh
7th Kettle Philip Mipsud
8th Clock Hannah Graham
9th Book Mrs. M. Kemp
10th Wine Laurie Brokenshire

(All names are given left to right. Further photos are available on our Old Paludians Photograph webpages).


Commemorative Tree Planting
Chris Spencer (Chief Education Officer for Slough)
Mrs Lenton (Principal, Slough Grammar School)

Former Head Boys and Girls
Mark Dean (Deputy SGS 1969); Mike Denham (SGS 1968); Philip Hinchcliffe (SGS1963); John Overton (SGS 1966);
Dr Mike Ford (SGS 1947); Prof Ian Simmons (SGS 1955); Alan Mabbutt (Deputy SGS 19xx);
Angela Drakeford (SHS 1964); Jim Barker (SGS 1957-58); Susan Hames (SHS 1980);
Janet Hillier (SHS 1975); Alison Pull (SHS 1974); t.b.a.
Jean Bayly (SHS 1941); Irene Anderson (SHS 1937); Margaret Day (SHS 1966);
Angela McTavish (SHS 1958-59); David Jewell (Deputy SGS 1950);
Prabhjot Dhami (SGS Head Boy 2002); Mrs Lenton (Principal); Amanda Salter (SGS Head Girl 2002);

Mr David Rogers (Former Head of Classics, SGS 1963-2001);
Amanda Salter(SGS Head Girl 2002);
Prabhjot Dhami (SGS Head Boy 2002);

David Jewell (SGS1943-51, Deputy Head Boy 1950);
Mr BH Roberts (Former Deputy Head, SGS 1968-8?);
Mr GH Painter (Former Head, SGS 1966-88)

SHS 1971 (Form 1)
Back row (1971 names)
Marina Corbet; Sue Bhangu; Ruth Blundell; Lis Smith; Julie Gates; Susan Mylchreest;
Rose Riddell; Sandra Beck; Karin Bruton; Judith Wood-Dow; Deborah Eatock; Jill Denman;
Front row (1971 names)
Alison King; Karuna Parti; Pam Crockford;



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