Old Paludians Annual Reunion 2014


The Annual Reunion in 2014 was held on Saturday 15 March 2014 from 11:00-17:00 in the Sixth Form Centre, Upton Court Grammar School, Lascelles Road, Slough. This is the new building where the former tennis courts were.

The programme for the day followed the 2013 format, that is:

11.00 Registration opened and continued throughout the day
11.45 AGM and Roll Call
12.30 Lunch
14 45 Concert by Old Paludians Choir
15.15 Presentation by Mrs Mercedes Hernández Estrada, Principal, Slough Grammar School
15.35 Raffle
15.45 Tea
17.00 Depart


(Back row) Janet Quinton (Boulter 1953-59); Lynne Willis (Partleton, 1955-57); Jackie Dibling (Hales, 1953-59); Mary Ridlar (Bowen, 1953-60);
(Front row) Pat Oldcorn (Horwood, 1953-59); Avril Sutton (Esson, 1953-58); Christine Axford (1953-60); Betty Lambourne (Milsom, 1953-58)

After dessert, with Tony Welsh (1963-70) and David Upton (1963-70)

Alan Mabbott (1942-1950) and Ron Fidler (1943-49)

The UCGS Sixth Form helpers – with (Back row): Divya Thankaraj, Haleema Akhtar, Deepti Bansal, Serena Hammond, also Tooba Baig (not in photo)
(Front row): Emma Flint (OPA Committee, former Head Girl) and the present Head Boy, Daniel Aduakwa, and Head Girl, Radha Sharma

The present Head Boy, Daniel Aduakwa, addresses the meeting

.. and again ..

The present Head Girl, Radha Sharma, addresses the meeting

The OPA President and Principal of UCGS, Mrs Mercedes Hernández Estrada, addresses the meeting

The OPA Choir, under Bob Moss (Committee, in dark green jacket), show their paces

Ruth Sheppard (Clark, 1955-62), Christine Elbourne (Hampshire, 1955-63), Desne Clark (Hartwright,1955-62), Linda Osborn (Handcock, 1955-62) and Eva Owen (Frankl, 1955-62) review the physical archive

Peter Firth (1957-64) and Joan Wells (Snapes, 1952-57) inspect a book

Margaret Paine (Paine, 1943-48) and Anne Letchford (Reeves, 1943-50) inspect the physical archive

Pam Robinson (1950-55) visits the physical archive

Sue Cheale (Clarke, 1952-56) and friend visit the physical archive

Ian Cairns (1964-71) shows the Sixth Form helpers the OPA website

The Sixth Form helpers are busy updating the website with the names of relatives who attended the school

Colin Cairns (1965-72) assisting visitors to the website

The Sixth Form helpers show their web skills

Kenny Luff (1966-73), Paul Martin (1966-73) are ably assisted by Emma Flint (Sixth Form and Committee)

Ian Cairns (1964-71) attempts to correct some names, as requested


Test Announcement 2

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Test Announcement.

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