Old Paludians Annual Reunion 2001


Annual Reunion 2001

An Annual Reunion and AGM for former pupils of Slough Secondary School, Slough Grammar School, Slough High School & Upton Grammar School took place from 11:00-17:00 on Saturday 31 March 2001 at

Slough Grammar School,
Lascelles Road,

Approximately 250 people attended this Reunion, with over half this number taking lunch together. The AGM ran from 14:30-15:30.

Secretary’s Report

“Once again the weather turned up trumps for the Reunion on 31 March. Members came from far and wide – Illinois, New York and France as well as from all over the UK. Over 140 sat down to enjoy a lunch in the Hall – decorated with a red/white theme with floating candles on each table. School dinners were never like this!!

A further 100 or so members joined us for the afternoon session. The Library was open for everyone to look at the books and other items that were the Old Paludians’ Millennium Year gift to the School. At Mrs Lenton’s request, our gift for 2001 also goes to the Library; these annual gifts are made possible through the wonderful generosity of our members. The Studio was also open where members could watch rehearsals taking place. As always, the display of archive material was also a big attraction.

Twenty or so girls from the 1951 intake were gathered to celebrate their “Golden Anniversary”, many of them attending for the first time. Another group of boys were meeting up from the 1947/48 era including another ‘first-timer’ – Malcolm Doyle (SGS 1947-52) from New York. After searching for a number of years, Peter Burgess (SGS 1949-54) and Len Jackson (SGS 1949-54, but nowadays Illinois) were put back in touch and were able to meet up with several others from their 1949 era. Len and his wife travelled from the USA especially for the weekend – his first Reunion and he’s looking forward to next year. With total membership hovering around the 700 mark, it is good to have the mix of ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ together after the years of separation.

During the short AGM, Mrs Lenton spoke of the current activities of the School and sadly, we bade farewell to Kathy Clark (Jamieson, SHS 1942-48) who was stepping down after being Chairman for 10 years. We thanked her for all her hard work and welcomed Jean Tyler (Ireland, SHS 1950-56) who had agreed to take her place. The day ended with a tea provided by the Committee. Friendships were renewed and promises made to meet again next year.

How pleasing it is to welcome many new Members as well as long-standing Members who attend each year and watch meetings between friends after 30, 40 and even 50 years or more. This is the strength of the Old Paludians as we look forward to next year when the School celebrates 90 years since its founding in 1912.”


SGS Form VB (1954)

Peter Burgess (1949-54), Dennis Delaney (1949-54), David Pritchard (1951-54), Len Jackson (1949-54), and Chris Martin (1950-54)

Len Jackson (1949-54) and Jean Porter (Currie, 1943-49)

Donna Jackson and Norma Meyrick (Parker, 1951-56)

Len Jackson (1949-1954) and John Bamborough (1951-56)

Peter Burgess (SGS 1949-54), Eric Simpson (SGS 1948-52), John Gale (SGS 1947-54), Jezz Glanville (SGS 194?-5?),
David Pearce (SGS 1947-53), Ronald Earley (SGS 194?-5?), Malcolm Hellings (SGS 1947-52),
Malcolm Doyle (SGS 1947-52, who is on the phone with Jeff Butler SGS 194?-5?), Jack Ditchfield (SGS 194?-5?)



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