Committee Contacts

Mrs Mercedes Hernández Estrada Principal, Upton Court Grammar School
Minutes Secretary
all above posts – t.b.a. (rotating responsibility) (email will be forwarded via Committee as appropriate)
Treasurer and
Membership Secretary
Mr Michael Frankl (1964-71)
Newsletter Editor
Mr Bob Moss (1956-64)
Steering Committee
Mr Ron Fidler (1943-49)
Mr Patrick Donachy (1980-86)
Mrs Pat Oldcorn (Horwood, 1953-59)
Other Committee Roles
Mrs Jean Tyler (Ireland, 1950-1956)
Mrs Marie Hughes (SGS, UGS & SGS Staff 1975-2002)
Ms Jane Brown (1984-90, SGS Staff 2000-2009)
Ms Emma Flint (2007-14)
Mr Alan Mabbott (1942-50)
Mr Alan Forbes (1949-53)
Mr Patrick Donachy (1980-86)
Mrs Margaret Paine (Paine, 1943-48) n/a
Mrs Shirley Lane (Hope, 1952-58) n/a
Mr David Pritchard (1951-54) n/a
Mr David Rogers (Staff: 1963-2000) n/a
Joint Webmasters
Ian Cairns (1964-71, SGS Staff 2003-2005)
Colin Cairns (1965-72)
Non-Committee Contacts
Independent Financial Examiner
Mr Ron Fidler (1943-49)