The Old Paludians

Slough Secondary School opened its doors in January 1912. By 1915 a number of masters and senior pupils were serving their country in the Great War (1914-18) and others were reaching school-leaving age to take their place in society.  It was suggested that an old pupils (and teachers) association be formed.

Following a suggestion from the first headmaster, Mr W. Francis Smith, the Association was named The Old Paludians (from the Latin palus, paludis – a slough) and thus it has remained for over 100 years.

The Association exists to foster a spirit of community between the former members of the school, both students and staff, and holds an annual reunion for former members as well as regular smaller meetings and a newsletter.

As a result of the generosity of Old Paludians, the Association sponsors awards of equipment, books or funding towards special projects for the school.

Members of the Association bring a wide range of experience and expertise which is an invaluable resource for the school and both current and former students.

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